‘Interventionist’ one of the most important design jobs of the future

In an article for FastCoDesign, Ashlea Powell, location director for IDEO New York stated that the ‘interventionist’ will be one of the most important design jobs of the future. Indeed, it is important to understand that this is being said in the framework of business (or service design), but it still sets an interesting precedent.

Interventionists are already in our midsts, we just haven’t named the role or cultivated it. As organizations and their challenges become more networked and complex, it will be harder work to help them digest new ideas and build towards a better future . This is the work of an Interventionist, and it’s time that the craft of intervention design takes shape, whether it’s designing an experience that creates transformational empathy or hosting a conversation that puts an end to polemics. These designers will come from backgrounds in organizational psychology or behavior change and be experts in facilitating creative conversations, framing unexpected questions, and navigating the uncomfortable.


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