Pablo Iglesias’ (Podemos, Spain) take on intervention

*Translation of a fragment (one question and answer) from this interview.

In this context of mediatized politics, does it hurt as a profesor in political science having to simplify the message? At the end, the span of attention is how it is…

You can’t imagine how much (it hurts)! Again, Fort Apache and La Tuerka (TV programs where he is a host) are a therapeutic element for me. There I become again the Pablo political scientist who likes to go with another tone and a different depth. When you are confronted to a political scenario in which you have the tools as a political scientist to analyze it and you would like to enjoy it writing about it, talking with others or adopting a position of ‘grey scales’, having to act as a politician somehow frustrates the political scientist. But it is an inevitable pendulum, because if you ask a political scientist, he would say: «If I was to chose between intervening in history or interpret it, I would like to intervene».


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