Intervention as a ‘trojan horse’ – Homeland hacked


I think one of the best ways of looking at (art & design) interventions is seeing them as a trojan horse -or, in contemporary terms, as a hack. And that is exactly what a group of Berlin-based graffiti artists did. The latest season of the american series Homeland is being shot in a studio in Berlin. The series’ first three seasons have had focus on different conflicts in the middle east, being accused of misrepresentation and even racism. For this reason, the artists -who were invited to decorate the ‘set’- decided to make a series of graffiti -in Arabic, of course- that denounced the series itself. At last, the series was aired with a series of messages like “Homeland is racist” or “#BlackLivesMatter”, which the producers didn’t recognize for being in Arabic writing. This is hacking the system from within, empowering the oppressed. HERE’s a good article of their explanation and HERE a report by NPR.


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