De Andere Markt (Genk)

De Andere Markt (DAM) is the main case study for this research. DAM is a project where we are combining a site based studio with ephemeral interventionist strategies to discuss and further develop future ideas on work in Genk. The interventions started to take place the 5th of June and will run throughout one whole year, in the context of the city-scale participatory project G360. They make use of a cargo bike with a low-tech printing press incorporated; this is used to go to the different neighborhoods of Genk and print posters for people that visualize their skills. The project is reported in its own blog and Facebook page.

_DSC9788 _DSC9827 _DSC0428_klein_DAM_Boumediene _DSC0255_klein_DAM_Boumediene

The 19th of September we inaugurated our own shopfront, which complements the project and allows to have ‘rooting’ in a specific community. The space will be our working place, with regular opening ours, but will also serve as context for all the activities organized for the project.

IMG_0650 IMG_0544 IMG_0543 IMG_0547 IMG_0538 IMG_0595


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