Street-Mapping Genk[enars] – Intervention during TRADERS Summer School 2014

During the first international Summer School of TRADERS, the participants worked in different groups to develop a proposal to ‘address power relations in the public space’ (an intervention, an installation, an object, a performance, etc.). Within my group, we worked based on two concepts suggested by Ramia Mazé (one of the keynote lecturers): heterogeneity and materiality. Steaming from these two concepts and a project from one of the group members (Katrien Dreessen), which seeks to out-reach the FabLab to wider groups of society, we made an intervention on a square of the centre of Genk.

For the intervention we laser-cutted all the letters of the alphabet, making stencil moulds. Equipped with these letters and chalk spray-cans we went to the square of the city in front of the Municipality building and asked the passers by to ‘spray paint’ on the floor a word of something that they cheered for and another one for something they were against. The intention was to allow people to express these ‘thoughts’, but also to make a live (and direct) representation of them.


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